The following lists includes both original and adapted works for theremin and Ondes Martenot which I have performed in concert. Works denoted with asterisks are in the process of being prepared for performance. 

Ondes Martenot and PIANO

Olivier Messiaen Feuillets Inédits for Ondes Martenot and Piano
Darius Milhaud Suite for Ondes Martenot and Piano
Edward Michael Élégie (op. 9) for Ondes Martenot and Piano
André Jolivet Trois Poemes pour Ondes Martenot et Piano *
Miklós Rózsa Sonatina for unaccompanied Ondes Martenot *

Theremin and PIANO

Joseph Achron Hebrew Melody op. 33
Gabriel Fauré  Après un rêve op. 7 no. 1
Isidor Achron Improvisation for Theremin and Piano
George Gershwin Summertime
Sergei Rachmaninov Vocalise" op. 34, no. 14
Joseph Schillinger "Melody"
Friedrich Wilckens  "Dance in the Moon"

Theremin and ORCHESTRA

Danny Elfman "Mars Attacks!' - Main Titles and Introduction!" (1996)
Bernard Herrmann "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) 
Olivier Messiaen "Turangalîla-Symphonie (VI)" (1948)
Jim Parker Theme from "Midsomer Murders" (1997)
Sergei Rachmaninov Vocalise" op. 34, no. 14, arranged for Orchestra and Theremin
Miklós Rósza "Spellbound Concerto" for Theremin, Piano and Orchestra (1945)
Camille Saint-Saens "The Swan"  from "Le Carnaval des Animaux"
Joseph Schillinger "First Airphonic Suite" for Theremin and Orchestra (1929)