Pierre Vellones Documentary

Here is a fascinating 1993 documentary on composer Pierre Vellones (1889-1939), one of Maurice Martenot's early collaborators, and among the first to compose works for the ondes Martenot.

Of particular interest to me was the section beginning at 16:00, which features an interview with Ginette Martenot, as well as excerpts from the following works by Velonnes:

  • "Fantaisie" for ondes and piano (1930 - unpublished), performed by Jean-Philippe Dartois and Sophie Cieren; the second known work for ondes according to Laurendeau.

  • "Vitamines" for ondes and ensemble (1935 - ed. Salabert), composed for ondes and saxophone quartet (recorded at the time for Columbia, along with "Split")

  • "Karakoram" for 7 ondes Martenot, piano and eastern ensemble (1935 - unpublished

  • "Fête Fantastique" (1937 - unpublished?) for three ondes and large exotic ensemble

  • "Une aveture de Babar" (1936 - ed. Lemoine, available as a recording)

The Fantaisie and Fête Fantastique are of considerable historical importance.

Charlie Draper